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Has Anyone Else had an Issue with their Target Registry???

I am so frustrated right now with Target. I am a loyal Target shopper and it seemed expected that when we were registering we would head over to Target. We are having a travel shower since our wedding is in Hawaii. Given that we were only registering for travel items, we decided to have a honeymoon registry and just stick to one store and makes things simple......Target. Huge mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My store print out of my registry is just fine, but my online version is all wrong. Items that we dont want are on there. Half of the items we want are missing and wont show. They have been "working" on it for 2 weeks now and said they are sending me a gift card for my trouble (thanks for the gift card but I just want my registry to be right) but they aren't sure when it will be resolved. My shower is in 3 weeks and I am at a loss. How do you tell a bride, "I don't know if it will get resolved, and either way you need to call us back because we don't typically do call backs about issues." Those were the words of the supervisor. I wanted to see if anyone has had issues like this, as well as warn people that their customer service with registries seems to be pretty ridiculous. I have seen other complaints about their shipping and return policies giving brides issues too. I'm just hoping my guests go to the store and avoid online.

Re: Has Anyone Else had an Issue with their Target Registry???

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    are you just going through the store to resolve? or have you called a 1800 number that is dedicated to working on things?

    And just be prepared for the things you will read about your honeymoon registry- and a "travel" registry in general, it's pretty rude.
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    I haven't had any problems yet, but I've heard from a few girls on my club board whose on-line registries are fine, but the in-store printouts show baby items, causing their family and friends to assume they are pregnant.

    Since it's usually baby stuff, I assume that the items are getting warped in from someone else's registry, possibly between people who share a name.

    Anyway, yeah, Target's not the greatest.
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    I haven't had any issues w/ Target at or in store.
    There has been some previous posts about Target's registry disasters...trying looking through the first few pages to see fellow brides who have been is your shoes.
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    My online registry is fine but last time we did a store print out there were a few items I took off weeks ago that showed up. I'm not too worried about but I'm surprised you are having a problem with your online registry. Maybe you can delete it and make another one?
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    We had a registry at Target and had absolutely no issues. I'm sorry you guys are having problems, I would definitely try calling again and that's awesome about the gift card!
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    Wow, I had a Target registry and didn't have any of those problems.  What if you created a new registry and deleted the old one?  You could create the new registry online instead of in the store. That might solve your problems.  I would honestly not worry about their customer service. Instead, I'd log onto the registry every day and fix things like taking off unwanted stuff and adding back on anything you don't see.  
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    Target is known for its registry problems.  See if you can close that registry and open a new one elsewhere.  The shower hosts can spread the word about the change in registries due to store error.
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    Hearing this about target makes me nervous.
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    I have that same problem!  We registered for a bunch of stuff in the store that doesn't show up online, and there are a few things showing up online that we didn't register for.  EVEN WORSE - I can't sign in online to even remove those things.  I can only sign in at the store. 

    It's stressful, but I would just say that unless it's huge errors, just wait and if you happen to receive those gifts, you can always return them later.  I'm sitting here hoping I don't receive 2 sets of $40 white wire shelves that would have nowhere to go, but there are bigger things to worry about right now with the wedding in two months.
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    Thanks for everyones input. My guests ended up seeing the online registry and since it seemed like there wasn't much on it(due to only being able to see most items at the kiosk print off from the store) they eneded up just getting us lots of cards, love and gift cards. So in the end it worked out fine, but super disappointed in target for never getting the issue fixed for those guests that really wanted to get a item for us rather then a gift card. Its good to know that I am not the only one who had to deal with an issue like this with the store.
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