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Is it absolutely necessary to register? i just dont like the fact of telling people (in a sense) what to buy and/ or how much to spend. what do yall think???? im in serious need of advice.

Re: Registering for gifts

  • The idea of the registry is that most of your guests will want to buy you a gift regardless of if you register or not, if you do register, this will help you not get 5 toasters and a lot of stuff you have no use for. If you do register, make sure to add items in all different price points that way it will cover guests from all budgets. A registry really is helpful for your guests.

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  • its not asking for gifts, its suggesting what you need and want, and honestly its easier for guests to know what to get you. make sure (when you do register) that you have lots of items in different price ranges.
  • Definitely register for gifts so guests will have an idea of what you need
  • One of my friends didn't register and she ended up with all these gifts that she didnt' want/need and couldn't return/exchange them.  It's easier to register that way you get gifts that you really want/need. 
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  • As previous posters have already stated, the registry is just a suggestion of things.  But here is how I look at it:  people are going to get you stuff, some wanted, some unwanted, some on the list, some not on the list.  A registry is useful so that you don't get as many gifts not on the registry and duplicates.

    On the other hand, if you don't register and people get you gifts (which they will) , you will have no idea of how (and where) to return them to get what you really want/need. At least this way, you can give them a clue to your tastes, wants, needs. 

    I hope this helps!
  • I want to give people something I know they want and/or need. I shop off of registries. To not register is, to me, being rude to guests like me.  If people don't want to shop off your registry they won't. No one says they HAVE to shop off your registry just because you have one.

    Register, for guests like me.
  • I feel like if I went to a wedding where someone wasn't registered, It would make me think that they just want money.. which is a tid bit rude.
    So just register.. or get a chili pepper lamp! hahaha retread.
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