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Registry TIP from 5 years after the wedding...

We got married 5 years ago.  At the time, I couldn't imagine having 20 people for a sit down dinner.  5 years later, that's exactly what we're doing and I've realized that while I can combine my everyday and special china for enough plates, I don't have near enough silverware.  I just went on-line and found out that both my everyday china (Nambe Butterfly - the original, not Butterfly II) and my silverware (Couzon Nicola stainless) are no longer being made.  So, I thought I'd offer a tip based on what I wish I had done back when I registered:

Register for 15 place settings for both your every day and special china.  If you can, get patterns that you can use together.  For example, both of my china sets are bright white and so I can use them both when I have large parties for dinner.  Plates break along the way, which is why I recommend getting 15 of each instead of the standard 12. 

Same thing for silver/or stainless silverware.  Make sure you can use them interchangeably or that you register for enough to cover you if you have a large party! 

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Re: Registry TIP from 5 years after the wedding...

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    Thanks for the tip. Breaking plates, and things being discontinued was part of our motivation to register for Fiestaware - it is easy to find and replace and it has been around for years (although, there are a few stylistic changes here and there.)

    I will definitely think about adding some flatware though!
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    Thanks for the tip!  We actually registered for two boxes of 8-place-setting flatware, so we'll have 16 of our casual set, and 16 of our "nice" set.  We have 12 place settings of the fine china on the registry as well as a total of 12 place settings of the casual china... My mom has 16 place settings of her china though, so I'm considering upping it to 16 if all 12 look like they're going to be bought up.  We'll just have to wait and see, I guess!! :-) 
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    Awh! Yes...thank you for the tip. I have always been an "advocate" for china and appreciating it and getting it while you can is very important.

    Sorry to hear about your discontinued patters. You should try They have a lot of patterns that have been discontinued.
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    try www.replacements for pieces of china, crystal, flatware. They are most patterns (and buy them too)

    You can create an account, register your patterns and indicate pieces you want to buy. When they get that piece they will email you.

    I think this is your flatware

    and your stainless
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    I have 12 from my mom and 12 of my own (different patterns) and while not often, there are times when I've used both at the same time.  I have crystal for 24 because my mom & grandmother had the same pattern and I inherited it all, including a ton of serving pieces and other matching pieces - beer steins, plates, serving pieces, candle holders, punch bowl, several vases- all kids of pieces. I use it all often.
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    Thanks for the advice, we had wondered how much to register for.  We only registered for 8 place settings of our everyday dishes so I'll add a few more to that.  We registered for 12 place settings of our china and it's the same pattern my parents have so if necessary I can always borrow a few of theirs!
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    skippy, I am jealous. I LOVE heirloom stuff and there are too many women in the family for us to keep any of it together. I think when we register that I'm going with my mom's crystal pattern (lismore) for the same reason, as my sisters don't like it! Crazies...

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