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My Favorite Things...

What is your favorite item on your gift registry?  Anything you know will be #1 on your list to buy for yourself if you don't get it as a gift?  
July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: My Favorite Things...

  • I can start it off... my favorite thing is the Rabbit wine bottle sealer! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
  • I got a combo cake platter/punch bowl.  It is awesome.  I love it. 

    We also enjoy our breadmaker and coffee maker. 
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: My Favorite Things...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hmmm... tough one!  We loved everything we put on our registry, so we were psyched to get anythign off it! The most useful present we got is an electric tea kettle.  We literally use it every single day.  Love it!  <strong>The item I wanted the most is kind of silly:  it was a Simple Human stainless steel trash can.</strong>  It was stupidly expensive, so it was a total splurge, but I really wanted it to replace our crappy plastic one.  But no one bought it :( so we bought it ourselves after the wedding.
    Posted by noodle_oo[/QUOTE]

    <div>When my parents came to visit us for Thanksgiving, they insisted on buying us something as a housewarming gift (we have lived here for almost 2 years, but it was their first time here.  Who am I to turn down a gift?)  The only thing that J and I could think of that we really wanted was our Simple Human trash can.  Now we think of my parents every time we throw out the trash. <img src="" border="0" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /></div><div>
    </div><div>Also, if it's possible, I think I have a crush on Simple Human.  I think I put almost every product they carry on our registry.</div>
  • I'm most hoping for a Dyson (not really expecting it tho, holy expensive!).  But, my favorit item would be a cake stand.

    I love to bake and make pretty, decorative and elaborate cakes.  I can't wait to display/store them on the stand!!!!
  • I love my Simple Human trash can - got it a couple of years ago as a x-mas present from my folks.
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    What I really love are the plates we're registering for! We're getting these from Pfaltzgraff:,default,sc.html

    That's just what I'm thinking of right off the bat :) My mom's actually going to be getting me some of this stuff for a Christmas gift, so I'm kind of excited about it!
    We've yet to do most of our registry, since stores are going to be getting new stuff in, old stuff out for the new year. Most of the stuff we already registered for at Target just...vanished (they didn't let us know at all that some of the things we registered for are no longer there, and so, don't show up on the online list at all).
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  • Ah yes, simple human trash cans.  I almost got that for a friend who was getting married but settled on a place setting of her china and flatware instead.  It is funny to think about giving someone "trash" though, and you KNOW they'd use it just about every day!!!! 

    Any other favorites on your registries?  Come on, lurkers!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
  • Yes, I am a registry lurker.  I can't help it!  I just stumbled upon it the other day and some things had been purchased and since then, I have this undeniable urge to look.  My one thing that I am really looking forward to getting is not on my registry. 
    I told my mom and my aunt that I would absolutely LOVE a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  My fiance was and still is adamant that it is a too expensive item that we don't really need (and it wasn't even the most expensive one).  I tried to argue my case but it resulted in a horrible fight filled weekend.  End result: it is an 'unofficial' registry item that is not on my list but I told my family about.  Hopefully I will get it as a combined gift from several people.
  • I registered for a lot of stuff!  I haven't sent out my wedding invitations yet, so I haven't received any of my gifts yet.  However, my most hopeful items are as follows:

    * Calphalon Unison 10-piece pots and pan set -- They are the best cookware on the market and the most expensive gift on my registry at $600.  

    * Waterford Heirloom 8" Wedding Bowl - I love heirloom items, and this will be beautiful in my china cabinet that I got for Hanukkah from my fiance.  It will be something that I will have and perhaps pass down to my children some day.  I also love Waterford crystal.

    * Menorah - We are Jewish and don't have a menorah for Hanukkah.  The menorah I registered for has beautiful Swarovski crystals and will be something special that we can use as a family.   I also registered for various other symbolic Judaica items, including a kiddish cup, a special wedding cup that we will need to use during our ceremony.  Now that I am getting married, I am starting to want more traditions to celebrate our herritage.   

    * Le Creuset 6 3/4 quart french oven - Le Creuset is the best in cast iron enamel cookware.  I have always wanted one and could never splurge on buying it.

    * Swarovski wedding cake and wedding bear figurines - Too cute and will always remind me of our wedding day.  I want to start a Swarovski collection of figurines.  This will be my first step.


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  • My favorite gift was my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

    I bake a lot and use it all the time.
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