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AW Thursday

We went running yesterday (McFly and I, that is)!
Trying to get back in the groove for the Cowtown half.

Re: AW Thursday

  • That's awesome Carrie! J and I have tried to start running again... without much luck. We finally did find him a bike though so hopefully there is more bike riding in our future. 

    My only AW- it is my "golden" birthday :) And I got breakfast in bed (woot!). However it has been an absolutely terrible week, so I don't much feel like celebrating. After working at the same company for 3 years, getting a promotion, all without a raise, I got put on an "improvement plan" for one mistake that happened last Friday and "not being available" after business hours. So I got sent home yesterday and pretty much got a bashing from my boss. I have a very real chance of losing my job in the next 60 days, which is not something the perfectionist in me accepts very easily. Also, I now have zero chance of getting the raise I have been working so hard for. I am just hoping this is a sign that something better is waiting for me already! 
  • You go Carrie!  I've been horrible about working out since June 2, and just can't get myself back in the routine unless it involves walking Remington.  Amanda, we both have bikes, and live right on the trails at the lake, but we can't seem to get ourselves motivated to do that either.  We blame it on time, but there are so many other people with far more committments, and who do it all.  So what's our problem??!!

    And I am so sorry to hear about the work situation.  That sucks!!  That said, I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason", so like you said, hopefully it leads to bigger and better things!  Hang in there!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY and try to enjoy today even though the circumstances surround work are not the best right now! I know there's no way to not worry about it but try to put the worry on hold at elast for today. nice hubby for bringing you bfast in bed!! Hang in there girl.

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