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I'm having a difficult time can someone give me a little guidance

Hi Ladies -
Well I'm having a little difficulty in terms of the whole idea of registering.
My issue is FI had a house and I had a house....I just furnished
mine just 3 yrs ago before I met him.

That said, both he and I have duplicates of eveyrthing. However, my sister's and bridal party are in the midst of planning my shower and they don't know how to go about telling everyone that I'm not registerd?....And hat I didn't plan on registering and I'm totally fine w/ gift cards....I don't feel it's insensitive I'm being honest. I have no place now to put the stuff I have. I just feel it would be a waste of everyone's time and money.

My plan was when we do buy a house I woulld be better prepared to take the gift cards and do what is necessary. Right now my FI and I are living together and I have my stuff in storeage. We plan on buying a house together but that is down the road. I seriously don't want to register but my sister's and bridal party don't know how to go about having this shower and just telling everyone if you'd like to bring a gift - a gift card is appreciated or something to that effect.  I don't want to succumb to this because soceity says "i should" ...what would you do? Has anyone had this same issue?

Please help ...I'm at a loss and don't know what to tell them?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.
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