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But I didn't register there...

My mom informed me that she and her circle of friends were excited about an upcoming sale at a particular store, because they were going to buy me some of the larger gifts that I had on my registry for my shower.  However - I did not register at that store, they don't have a registry program.  When I told my mom that I was concerned about this, because we were already registered elsewhere, her response was "that's ok, if you get two of something - you can always take one back." I don't mind getting gifts that are off the registry, but I really do not want to plan on taking gifts back.  Am I nuts? Should I politely remind them of where I am registered? or just take the gifts that I receive at my shower off the registry if they come from another store? 

Re: But I didn't register there...

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    I'd just take the gifts you receive at your shower off of your registry.  I mean, if your guests can get you the exact same thing that you registered for, but they find it at a different store for less, why not let them get it from the other store?
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    With every shower that I have attended, I included a gift receipt in the card.

    I wouldn't take the items off your registry, what if they decide NOT to get you an item that you took off the list? It's really not that much of a hassle to take back any duplicate gifts. I would enjoy shopping for other items I didn't receive with the credit! :)
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    I wouldnt worry unless your registry is at Target, which is god awful about returns- even from a registry.
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    There is no polite way to remind people where you are registered.  If they are excited about the sale, that's probably because the items you registered for will be cheaper than on your registry, so expecting people to pay more for the same item just to buy it from the store you registered at is really selfish of you.  Just log onto your registry after the shower and mark the items you received as purchased.  If you do have to return a duplicate item or two, it's not a big deal.  People are buying you presents, you shouldn't complain about them.
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    You could ask your mom to call the place where you are registered to mark the items that they purchased elsewhere as completed.
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    What is your registry's return policy?  Most will give you store credit when you return an item bought of your registry.  After your shower, if you receive those gifts from somewhere else, just update your registry so you don't get more duplicates. 

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: But I didn't register there...</a>:
    [QUOTE]I wouldnt worry unless your registry is at Target, which is god awful about returns- even from a registry.
    Posted by golden1215[/QUOTE]

    That's not true at all. We had absolutely no issues with our Target registry. We even returned things without a receipt and they just gave us store credit.
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    Could she be buying you something specific from your registry, just from a different store? If that's the case, just call the store and have them mark it off the registry,  or remove it yourself if you know exactly what it is. If your mother doesn't want to tell you what it is, have her call the store and have them mark it off.
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