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XP: Ninja Mega System? HiYAA!!!!

So...last night as I was battling insomnia due to drinking too much caffeine too late, I watched an infomercial on the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. We had already registered for the ninja blender and food processor attachment, but this infomercial was for a much more powerful version and I couldn't say no. I bought it. I figured I will start using it now to lose weight on a juice/smoothie diet. This thing makes snow out of ice! I can't wait to receive it. Who has a ninja or is registered for one? Do you love it? Do you have a different type of blender you love more?

Re: XP: Ninja Mega System? HiYAA!!!!

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    I work for a store that carries all the Ninja systems. Most customers who have it love it, and the manager in that deparment has one and loves hers. As far as using for a blender goes, it does a great job. There are mixed reviews on the plastic dough blades though. Most people say that it doesn't really do a great job with mixing dough, and that the plastic blades break. So if it was me I would stick with the regular blender version rather than the one with all the dough blade attachments. But that's just coming from our customers reviews on the product, so hopefully someone here will have more insight.

    Also, I would retitle this to include "Thoughts on the Ninja" or something so people know what it is. :)

    ETA: Btw, your venue is GORGEOUS! I think it ever time I see your sig pic. :)
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    Thanks for the tip, Cackle and thanks for the comment on my venue! I'm very excited. It's completely glass, so even if it rains, it will be like having an outdoor wedding. I bought it for pureeing veggies mostly. FI has a gag reflex when eating anything fruit or veggies with a crunchy texture so this will solve the problem and get some nutrients into him. I'm also excited about the possibilities of making juice and ice cream. I have a kitchenaid stand mixer, so I won't be using it for dough anyway, thanks for the info!
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    We have a regular Ninja - hands down the best blender I have ever owned. 
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    We got the Ninja blender and food processor, and it's the best blender we've ever had!  We use a lot of frozen fruit to make smoothies, and it has no problem blending it smoothly.  Very powerful, and no problems with the blades yet.  This was actually H's "must have" on our registry.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! I'm excited to get it.
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