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lists vs. just going

We're six months out from our wedding and probably going to register within the next month. We have a general idea of what we want/need, as we're halfway  between post-college Ikea and grown up style right now. FI wants to make a list of every section of BBB with what we need, but I'm more "let's go and see what's out there." Is there a "right" or "best" way to go abut registering? 
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Re: lists vs. just going

  • We just went.  Remember with BB&B that you can update items/quantities really easily by going online.  So if you change your minds later, you can always update your registry.   I would say that if he wants to make a list, then let him make a list.   It'll make it more enjoyable for him.  And you can always add extra items that aren't on the list when you get into the store and see what's there.
  • There isn't a right or wrong way to do it. We did have a list when we went the first time, just so we didn't forget anything important, but when we got to the store, we ended up adding on other things we saw that we also wanted. Also like PP pointed out, most stores allow you to update your registry from home online. So it was easy enough to add/delete/switch out stuff over the months leading up to the wedding.

    IIRC, I think BBB gave us a list of "typical" stuff people registered for, organized by catergories in the store. We found it helpful to look over and see if we left anything off.

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  • Macy's gave us 3 pages of typical stuff to register for.  At first I marked things off the list as we registered.  That only lasted for about 10 minutes though.  The list was so overwhelming, I put it away and threw it out at home.  We walked around the store and scanned items we wanted, without worrying about a list.  Then we updated our registry online at home.
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  • We just scanned our Macy's registry.  Still haven't gone to BB&B to do that one.  Though I've made a small one online.  I let FI be in control of the scan gun.  Yeah, my FI, who is a HUGE UGA fan, registered for bathroom items that would make a Florida Gator happy. I havne't told him yet. I think it will be a nice surprise.  :)
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  • We printed out the list on the sticky at the top of the message board, and crossed things out that we already had/didn't want. We still ended up registering for things not on the list, though.
  • BB&B has a worksheet on their website of stuff they recommend having on a registry.  It might help with the feeling overwhelmed when you walk in the store.
  • I had a list of things that I wanted to make sure we registered for based off a walk around our appartment. I used that list and the lists of "typical registry items" that BBB and Macy's gave us. After the initial walk through I just added stuff at home.
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  • We didn't have a list, just an idea of what we wanted.  We knew that there were particular applieances we wanted (DH looked up Cooks Illustrated reviews, and we picked based on that), so we added those online before we went to the store to scan.
  • I started both my registeries online and then made a list of things I knew we wanted or needed.  Then we went to both stores and just walked through slowly to scan stuff.  It was nice because there were things at the store that I had never thought about, but ended up scanning.  There's no right or wrong way to do it.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: lists vs. just going</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>I would suggest a short list, and also a low-pressure walk-through a few days or weeks before you actually go in to register. </strong> We did that at both of the stores where we did, and we got a few important conversations and decisions out of the way at home instead of having them there in the store, and understood each other's wants and expectations before we let that scanner get the best of us.
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    </div><div>That's what I did. Since my FI couldn't come, my mom and I did walk-throughs of the two stores I registered at and looked at patterns and designs and made lists. It worked out pretty well. My MOH went with me to one store later that week and I did the other one on my own. I tweaked a few things online later (changed the bedding/sheets we registered for, added a couple of things). </div>
  • Yeah I might do a short list at least of things you want to be sure to spend some time with in person - things like pots/pans, knives, bedding, linens really need to be held and touched before you buy.  Small gadgets and things though can be just be decided in-store.

    Also just sort of be aware of what you do and don't use/need over the next 3 or 4 months after registering.  For instance, a couple weeks ago I tried to take some cupcakes to my FI's house for his birthday and realized I had no good way of getting them there without ruining the icing.  So I registered for a cupcake carrier.
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  • We'd been keeping a running list on the fridge of things we found ourselves needing/wanting. We started with that list of ten or so items and then just went from there. Before we left, we spent a couple of minutes looking over the list the consultant at BBB gave us to be sure we didn't miss anything critical.
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  • We went through the house and made a list of things that we wanted to upgrade or replace.
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  • Do Both! Make a list and then see what's out there. Just remember to think of priority needs for right now and then the future like entertaining needs for when you're an adult adult.
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