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mom lacks etiquette

omg I am going to shoot my mom.  She sent my bridal shower invitations out without my registry cards... and on top of that she actually wrote in the invites that we aren't registering and that we want money for our honeymoon!!!!...  the case is that we have a honeymoon registry and a secondary registry for a few wedding and hosue gifts because I know a few people don't like the honeymoon registry thing.  

is it ok to send out a letter explaining that my mother is misunderstood and that we have registries and to include the registry cards with the letter?

Re: mom lacks etiquette

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    Wow, not sure what to tell you.  What your mom did was really, really tacky.  I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. 

    As a guest, if I got a follow up letter saying "nevermind, in addition to cash for the honeymoon, the bride also wants to make sure you know where she is registered" I would also find that tacky and gift-grabby. Might be better for your mom to spread your registries through word of mouth than to send out a letter with registry inserts. 

    Btw, for opinions on honeymoon registries, see the post below yours.

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    I agree with Banana.
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    I, too, agree with Banana.
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    Damage is alreayd done, just leave it alone. Sending a followup letter will just make things look worse.
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    Since it is you shower and you aren't supposed to have any part in the planning, stay out of it. Your mom and BMs can discuss your registry by word of mouth if it comes up.

    I'd kill my mom for that too, though!
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    I agree with the others, a letter from the bride regarding her bridal shower is very tacky.  Perhaps some people will do an internet search to see if you are registered anywhere.  Is it on your website at all?
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    I agree with banana -- there's nothing you can do in terms of addressing people directly.

    If you're really concerned about it, you could  put your registries on your website and make sure everyone knows about the website (include it in your STD/invitation. If that's too far out, you could send out an e-mail saying something along the lines of: "Hey everyone, we just finished putting together a fabulous wedding website for our guests to enjoy. Feel free to sign the guestbook, look at pictures, or browse the information!" and then just hope they see the registry info. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. Your mom will seem tacky, not you, and since you really want honeymoon money anyway then it's not as though you're getting something you didn't ask for!)
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    I think people will realize it's your mom's mistake and won't think badly about you because of it.
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