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When should I start

Ok, so my wedding is i september. My thought is," we need to get started registering so that it is less stressful once we get closer to the big day." my Fiance's thought is," don't worry ,we have time. not to mention, there is at least one if not two more seasons until we need it done and if we pick stuff out now it will be dicontinued." What should I do?

Re: When should I start

  • We started our registries a while ago with the types of things that don't frequently get discontinued - basic kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, and the like - and recently added more, such as china and some crystal.

    Your FI is right; you still have plenty of time if you don't want to just yet, and some things will be discontinued.  But if you want to get started, there's no great harm in it as long as you make sure you check on your registry to see how much gets discontinued, and update it.

    And I'd stay away from things like china, where you could conceviably end up with a few pieces and then have it go discontinued.
  • We started about 6 months before our wedding and only had a few items get discontinued.  You might want to wait until after the holidays because prices and items might change
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  • We also did 6 months.  It was quiet wedding planning wise (busiest was like 12-9 mos out with booking everyone and then 3 mos out finalizing all the details).  I also agree with waiting until after the holidays because a lot of stores have big turnover in Jan/Feb.  That is when stuff is most likely to get discontinued.  Although if you do Crate and Barrel, I think they told me their big turnover is in April (although they change stuff pretty frequently for each season).
  • We started at 8 months and so far nothing has been discontinued. People have been buying off of it for our birthdays and I think now for Christmas.
  • No sooner did I post this than I looked on our Williams-Sonoma registry and found four things permanently out of stock.  Serves me right for opening my mouth.

    But really, we've had very little, comparatively, be discontinued.  And we do have family buying off it for Christmas.
  • I registered 6 months in advance, but we'd talked about everything and looked around ahead of time, so we both knew what we wanted when the time came.  It's fine to wait if you're worried about your items being discontinued, but you may want to browse through store selections to get an idea of your tastes.  You don't want to have a meltdown in the middle of the store because you both disagree on everything ;)
  • Thanks guys, This has been a big help!!!
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