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registry complete after shower

We just had an amazing shower and everyone was so generous that they pretty much purchased everything off of our registries.  I was just wondering what the etiquette should be for gifts for the wedding - should we just leave the registry as-is with only about 12 gifts left, or register for more, or just hope people know we are all set and give money?  The thing is, we don't really NEED anything more!  We would just love some money to help with the honeymoon and with the new house, but then don't want to see too greedy...

Re: registry complete after shower

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    Add a few things so that there's a variety of price points for those who are only comfortable giving boxed gifts, see Brie's sticky note at the top for ideas.  You could start a Sears registry if you'll be doing any home improvement projects.
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    Gotta has the right idea.  Also, some people might feel odd giving you $20 cash but might find a $20 gift better.  Just put a few more things on the registry (like more towels, you can't have too many towels).
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    What is normal in your circle?  All weddings in my area it's common to give money for the wedding gift, brides get maybe 3 or 4 boxed gifts for a wedding present.  If the couple tends to get a lot of boxed gifts at the wedding I would register for a few more items, if not I think you would be all set with what you have. 
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    Any wedding I have gone to, everyone seems to give envelopes with money for gifts.  Generally gifts are given only at the shower.  I would think you will be fine with what you have left on the registry.
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