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Price of things

So we're going to register this Sunday and I started scoping out ideas what what looks good so when we get to the stores it won't be so overwhelming (hopefully). The prices of dishes is insane.

I fell in love with Noritake's Colorwave line. A four piece place setting is $80.00 (on sale at Belk for $40 right now). The regular color rimmed dinner plates (which are my favorites) are $26.00 a piece (on sale for $18 now).

Is this crazy? I feel like it's so expensive. Yell

ETA: Oh, and I was planning on registering for 12 place settings. No formal china.

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    Would you spend the money to complete the set if you didn't receive them all or if you broke dishes and needed to replace them later on?  If the answer is no, I think they may be too expensive.  

    Aim for a variety of price points on your registry.  As long as you have some lower priced items as well, I think these are fine for a registry.

    You will use these dishes for a long time.  Get something you like.  The first place setting we liked was $35-40/place setting, which we thought was outrageous.  We kept looking, and ended up finding another set that we liked a lot.  It was more actually a bit more than the original set liked, which made me realize that we did not like the original set that much, since we thought it was a rip off.

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    Okay, I think I solved my problem. I checked out BB&B's site and they have exactly what I want for the Belk "sale" price. So I think that's going to be a better fit =)
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    Yeah $40/place setting for real china is a pretty sweet deal.  My formal china is $130/place setting and my everyday is $30/place settings (approximately).  Recently more and more of my friends have been picking out the ~$500/place setting stuff... who knows if they actually get it (it certainly doesn't happen at their bridal showers).

    To be honest, any china I see under $200/place setting is ok with me as a guest.  The prices vary, but I know that they are getting something they like and different manufacturers have different price points.  I think at that price you're likely to get most, if not all of it.  And honestly if I was shopping for your wedding, I'd probably buy you two by myself.
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    I think it's high--but I'm in WV. I wouldn't do it, but compared to others, I think it's fine. I recently got a registry for a friend and just the SUGAR BOWL was $129 ON SALE. I was sort of peeved, because there was NO other cheap options for me to buy. THAT was an awkward registry.
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    Everything is relative. That's not expensive to me, when you consider that it's something that you will use everyday for a loooooong time. 
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