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When did you receive your first gift?

This is just an open question, as I'm curious as to when brides are receiving gifts.

When did you receive your first wedding gift? Not engagement... but first gift after save the dates or invitations were sent out?

Just curious :) Happy planning, everyone!

Re: When did you receive your first gift?

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    I didn't get my first gift until my bridal shower last weekend. In the south, people tend to bring gifts to the wedding, so I'm not expecting to get anything between now and the wedding.
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    We received our first (and only) gift off of the registry a couple of weeks ago. Our wedding is in a little less than 4 months.
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    ceh789ceh789 member
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    We received a gift about 2 weeks after we updated our relationship status on Facebook (we did that about 3 months after getting engaged).  We just received our second gift yesterday from someone who RSVP'd their regrets.
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    FI's grandma got really excited about our save-the-dates and sent us a gift right after we sent them out (January for an August wedding). FI's aunt gave us a gift basket this week while we're in town, because she's not sure she can make it and she wanted to see us open it. Those are the only two gifts we've received so far.
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    lls31lls31 member
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    We didn't technically receive it yet, but my aunt let us know a couple weeks ago that she bought us a cookware set.  We haven't even provided our registries to anyone yet (still have 7 months to go), but she wanted to give us a heads up so we didn't register for another set.  She said she plans on giving it to us the next time she sees us.
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    Thanks gals :)
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    We got our first gift yesterday!
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    About two months before the wedding?    Wedding is a week from tomorrow, and we've had maybe a half dozen arrive at the house, and some registry-stalking shows that about a third of what we registered for has been purchased.
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    People started purchasing items off my registry for Christmas since we registered before Christmas for just that reason.  Wedding gifts didn't come until after invitations went out, started seeing things purchased within a week or so after that, some of which I received and some of which I haven't.
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    We received our first two registry gifts about a week or two ago. It seems pretty early for that, as our wedding isn't until October, but our registry is set to go, and a couple of inquiring guests wanted to get a head start on the gift!

    October 6, 2012!

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    After we sent out our save the dates we recieved a picture frame off our registery from my FI aunt, uncle and cousins. The card said "congratulations on your engagement" even though we had been engaged for about 6 months and they knew it. We also hadn't shared our registry information with anyone, so they found it on their own. I was so excited when we got it! Since then we have recieved a few shower gifts from people who are coming in for the shower (next week) from out of town. 
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