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Small registry only?

Hi.  Long-time lurker ... first time poster!

FI and I are having a small wedding (65 or 70 guests) this December and weren't planning on registering.  Lately, though, we've started receiving questions about gifts and haven't known how to reply.

We didn't intend to register because we don't need a lot of house-type things -- we were each living on our own for a good while and since moving in together, we're lucky enough to not want for housewares.  We're saving to buy a house in the next year or two, so like many of the posts I've read here, it would be lovely to receive monetary gifts at our wedding, but of course we'd never ask for money.

FI has suggested maybe a honeymoon registry.  I am not comfortable with that idea and would really rather not register at all than do that.

I've read other posts on this site where girls have suggested making a small registry only, where the idea is that when the registry items have been bought, people who want to bring a gift will generally bring money.  This seems like a good idea, as FI and I had been planning to buy some good wineglasses and serving dishes at Boxing Day sales this year anyway (we entertain a lot!).  My question is, does anyone have experience with doing this?  Did it work as you'd hoped?

We just want people to come and enjoy themselves at our wedding!  But the gift question keeps coming up and we're at a loss for what to do.  Thanks!

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