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I was unsure of where to register before our wedding and I decided to go with Bed Bath and Beyond because it was nice merchandise and I heard they didn't give you any problems about returns (like Target).  Well, I have been pleasantly surprised multiple times by the helpfulness, understanding, listening skills, and determination to make me happy that I would't recommend registering anywhere else.  I went through 4 sets of dinner plates until I found the one I was happy with, and the managers didn't even blink an eye.  Also, there were many items I didn't even open or try until months after my wedding and I decided I didn't need the item and they were fine with me returning/exchanging.  There was never a third-degree string of questions or a black list if I returned too many items.  Please consider Bed Bath and Beyond and you won't regret it!

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    A lot of people register there.  I chose not to because I hate to shop there - we actually set up a registry with them and ended up deleting it because the "helper" added a ton of expensive items we told him we already had.  We found it when we got home and it irritated us so much we deleted.  I'm glad you liked your experience, but it really varies from store to store like anything else.
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