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Bachelorette Registry?

I simply am looking for opinions that are CONSTRUCTIVE. Here is the information: I am from the east coast area (I have found that some events and how they are done are different depending where the bride resides) and getting ready for my bachelorette party. My bridesmaid asked where I was going to register at??? Do brides register for a bachelorette event?

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Re: Bachelorette Registry?

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    I've never heard of a registry for a bachelorette party.  Is it possible that she was asking for your registry for your shower, but just mentioned the wrong pre-wedding party?
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  • No, cause I asked her the same
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  • You register for your wedding reception and nothing else.  Shower gifts are purchased from this registry.  If B-party guests want to get you something that requires some information (like sizes for lingerie) they should ask the hostess who can get the information from you.
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  • I hope they don't get me anything... lingerie is a personal item, I don't even let others pick out my everyday clothes...
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  • I have never heard of this.
  • Typically gifts aren't given at a bachelorette party.

    If guests want to get you something, they can use the registry that you set up for the wedding/shower.  

    I would tell the BM that I don't want gifts at the b-party and hope she isn't hinting that people shoudl bring them.
  • B parties are not gift giving events.
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  • I've never heard of registering for a Bachelorette Party. I would not do it.
  • One of my bridesmaids bought me a "bride to be" crown, sash, and button for my bachelorette party.  That's all I got in the way of gifts for that occasion.  I definitely wouldn't register for a bachelorette party.  Your friend is probably just confused.  :)
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