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Looking for suggestions on a few items we need

We're hoping to just register at BB&B for the ease of it all (we already live together and have all our house stuff, but want to replace the crappy stuff with nice, long-lasting ones).

Does anyone have a great knife set (block plus steak knives) that they recommend? 

How about some big, fluffy bath towels?

Of course, fantastic, long-lasting cookware as well?  I know copper is best but considering the price...we're not asking for that.

Doesn't have to be from BB&B but that would be helpful for us - we have all the normal registry stores here like C&B, Williams Sonoma, Macy's etc.
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Re: Looking for suggestions on a few items we need

  • Towels - hotel collection at Macy's.  DH's aunt decided the ones we registered for weren't good enough and bought us these instead.  I love her to death for this.

    Cookware - Calphalon Tri-ply.

    I got my knife set a decade ago so I'm not going to be any help here. 
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  • Our knives are JA Henckel and they are great. Our knife block didn't come with a sharpner, so we ended up having to register for that and a couple other specialty knives separately.

    We have Calphalon Contemporary Stainless.  We have the 13-piece set, but looking back I think I would have rather registered for each piece individually.  There are pieces we don't use, and I would have much rather been able to register for a couple non-stick fry pans for eggs, etc. If you search through the threads on this board you'll see a lot of reviews on non-stick vs, stainless that might be helpful to you.  We ultimately went stainless because I feel they will last a lot longer than non-stick.  You definitly have to put more work into cleaning them and learn to use lower heat, but I really like them so far.
  • We registered for JA Henckel knives from Williams Sonoma, Cuisinart Tri-Play stainless pans from Macy's, and Hotel Collection towels from Macy's. The Hotel Collection line is amazing, I think. I think the knives and pans all depend on how much you cook. My FI and I cook all the time, so we wanted really well-made, long-lasting stuff! Just go with what you guys really want!! 
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  • Knives: Calphalon katana (BBB - they are amaaaazing)

    Cookware: Calphalon tri-ply (for less money); Le creuset tri-ply (more money, but better) both sold at BBB.  Personally, I'm not a fan of all-clad because I think their handles hurt, but some people swear by them.  I would pick them up in store before registering.  You can feel the calphalon and all-clad at BBB and you can feel the le creuset at Dillard's if there's one nearby.

    Towels: Macy's hotel collection if you like softer, microfiber towels, Pottery barn 820-gram collection if you like towels that whisk water away quickly but aren't as fluffy.  I like the first, FI likes the second, so we're probably registering for both, lol.
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    We got our knives from c&b. Calaphon contemporary. It's 17 piece set including the sharpener. We love them. Our cookware was from Macy's. It's Emeril brand tri-Layer stainless steel. We absolutely love then far more than the non stick we had before. Our towels (actually bathsheets) are from wal Mart :). It was the only place that had the color we wanted in that size. My H is 6'7 so he asked to get some that we're bigger. They have been surprisingly great. No tears or unravels.

  • Cookware: Definitely look at Calphalon Tri-ply. They have a lifetime guarantee where they can be replaced and they have a core that allows for even heating throughout the pan (bottom and sides).

    Knives: FI loves Wustoff so we went with that. They have a variety of block options that include steak knives.

    Bath towels: You may just want to try out in the store because size, color, thickness, and softness can vary depending on what you are looking for.
  • You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for your input.  We are big into cooking, but we might go the sepraate pieces route to get the exact things we want.  He was looking at the Calphalon Contemporary and their knives also.  Towels we may have to go the Macy's route as they do seem a favorite of online reviews.

    Again, thank you! 
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  • For the towels I would recommend Hotel collection MicroCotton towels from Macys, because they're amazing.  They stay fluffy, don't thread-pull, don't "skirt"(the ends don't shrink) they dry quickly, and last a super long time.  I will never get any other towels again. 

    For a knife set, it depends on how you like your knives to feel.  The chef series is the Henckels "Pro S," which got amazing reviews & is hand forged and precision edged, or if you're looking more for style, the Calphalon Contemporary is a beautiful set that includes just about every knife you need, or what I did was got a decent large set (Martha Stewart triple riveted 20pc set) & got a few really nice knives by Henckels (classic) of the one's I use the most.

    For a cookware set,  All Clad stainless is top on the list, or if you didn't want to register for the entire set or you prefer some nonstick, I would recommend registering for a few key stainless pieces & going with a nonstick set like Analon Advanced (which is metal utensil "safe"), has cool-grip handles and is oven safe up to 400 degrees.  Or if you are looking for a super good quality non-stick, the Calphalon Unison cookware is amazing, heavy gauge, and oven safe to 500 degrees (& the only nonstick cookware that is dishwasher safe).  Good luck on your venture!
  • Bummer!  All the Macy's Hotel Collection towels have a specific warning about not using benzoyl peroxide products and then their towels, to prevent bleaching and spotting.  I use several prescription and strong non-prescription face and body meds with that in it...oh well.  No sense of wrecking beautiful, expensive towels with that then.
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