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registering and having destination wedding

 We are going to vegas for our wedding but do not want to have a bridal shower because we live together and dont need an entire house full of new stuff. We want to register for things at our honeymoon resort that people can buy. How would we go about notifying people of the honeymoon registery and a wedding gift registry?

I am sending save the dates soon, invatations to follow, but I cant put registry information on the invite, can i? or can I have an insert card with the invatation with registry information, as im sure most people we invite wont be able to come.

Or should be just have the shower anyway, knowing that people who wont be able to come will probably want to buy us a gift?

Re: registering and having destination wedding

  • egm900egm900 member
    First, read the above sticky note anout HM registries.  You can put your registry info on a wedding website, as long as it isn't on the first page people see.  It's perfectly fine to have a wedding website listed on your STDs or an insert to your invitations, as long as you have other pertinent information (if you have a room block, how to get around the city, fun things to do in the area, etc.).  

    People who won't be able to come and want to send you a gift for your wedding will do so anyway, a shower is really a separate, and optional, event.  It should be hosted by someone other than the bride and groom, and you can decline if someone offers.  If you're not really looking to get a lot of physical gifts, make a small registry, you'll likely get more cash unless you come from big gift giving family and friends.
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    No you can not put wedding registry info in your wedding invitations. You can put info on your wedding website. Doing a HM registry is the same as asking for cash, which a lot of people find offensive. Do a small registry for people who want to give boxed gifts and others will give cash that you can use on your HM. If someone asks you directly what you want you can say you are registered at store X but saving for a HM. 

    As for the shower, if you don't want one decline any offers of showers from people. If someone does throw you a shower, remember that only people invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower.  Store registry information can be put in shower invites, again there should be no request for cash gifts.

    People who are invited to the wedding but opt not to attend may or may not send a gift. A shower gift is not an alternative to a wedding gift as the shower and wedding are two separate events.

    BTW, DH and I were married in Vegas 2 years ago and had a great time! 
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