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Boudoir Printing Suggestions

I am going to be doing my own boudoir photos for my fiance and want to get them printed as a book. The only problem is I can imagine almost all printing services would most likely deny printing the pictures. Does anyone know a good service to use, or should I plan on printing them and making my own book?

Re: Boudoir Printing Suggestions

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    Okay this may sound odd, but I used to work in a photo lab at a rite aid during college... you most definitely can get boudoir photos printed there. The rule was as long as there was no "touching" you could print the pictures. You can be totally buck naked and still get your pictures printed there... they considered it "art" and the difference between art and porn in their minds was touching.... SOooooo I don't see why anyone would consider your boudoir photos anything but art. GL!
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    Nice, thanks for that tip on printing! I will remember that :)
    And I took a look at mpix, it looks perfect- except the price! Lol. I will probably try to print it online as a book and give it extra time just in case I get rejected so I can try to print them out on my own and make one.
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    I just ordered my book through Blurb.  It was around $30 for 20 pages, I've heard good things about My Publisher too.
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    Oh wonderful! I will definitely look there first. I would hate to get rejected from a company. lol
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    I work at a drugstore photo department and we are allowed to print full nudity. So I assume most other developers will, just call ahead and ask their policy
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    don't do snapfish, bad quality.  i got a book from that was great.
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    I used for my b-pics book. I emailed them ahead of time because I had the same concerns about them printing that type of content. They promptly replied that they will print full nudes that are shot in an artistic/tasteful manner. I was really happy with the final product. I do suggest trying to utilize the sales they run, you can save considerably.

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