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Registering at Home Depot?

My fiance and I are constantly working on our house. There's always a project going on. Does anyone know if you can actually register at home depot or Lowes?

Re: Registering at Home Depot?

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    My fiance and I are doing that tomorrow, actually.  What you do is go to the customer service desk to ask to create a gift registry.  They will create an event # for you and this is the number that you have to provide for your guests so that they can ask for your gift list.

    Once you get your #, you walk around the store and write down (by hand) on a printed form the UPC, quantity, and name of the item.  It kinda sucks if you are registering for a lot of things but I would say that it is worth it in the end.

    Once you have your list of items, you take it back to the customer service desk and they will hand key in everything in the computer and then you will be registered.

    When your guests go there to purchase things off of your list, they go to the customer service desk with event # in hand to get your list.  They shop, then return to service desk and check out, mentioning the registry and event number.  The clerk will update the registry for you.

    Sounds like a lot of steps but if you think about it, with Target, you go to the kiosk, search and print out register, then check out and mention the registry to the clerk etc... Home Depot just has more employee contact, which could be a plus or a minus.
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    Oh and another con would be that there is not an Online option.  This is done completely in store, but it's in their computer system.  So you don't have to go to the exact store in which you originally registered.
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    That sounds like a giant pain.  OP, you could also use a universal registry (amazon, myregistry) to add things from whatever store you want.
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    I think it would be easier to spread by word of mouth that you are working on your home and gift card is appreciated.
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    I tried to register at Home Depot, but the information was only available at the store where we registered and not at any other store so it was kind of useless.  We registered for some home improvement stuff like tools at Sears.
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    We registered at Sears instead.
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     We just finished registering there and it wasn't hard at all.  And the Customer service desk lady said that our registry information is available at all Home Depots nationwide. 

    I would definitely doublecheck with the Service desk, though. 

    I originally was going to register with Sears. But their system is too unreliable.  I went to two different locations on three different days to do my registry (in store, to inspect items/colors etc.) and the system was not working.  When I called the fourth time to ask if it was up and running, they were extremely rude to me, didn't answer my questions and then hung up on me.  I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to registering there, but they showed me that they don't want my business.  :(
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    We have an old farmhouse that needs a lot of updating and we used myregistry. com. We included a bunch of home improvement stuff (like faucets, light fixtures, ceiling fans - stuff like that) in addition to some of the upgrades on more traditional things on a wedding registry. While we had several people comment on how easy they thought the site was to use, we actually didn't get a ton of the home improvement stuff as gifts. We did get a lot of gift cards to Lowe's and Menards though, as well as cash to use towards fixing our house.
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    We wanted to do this but it was going to be too complicated for guests so we registered at Sears instead. 
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