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Money Orders!?

DH and I got 2 money orders as wedding presents. Neither one of us has any experience with them.  I didn't even know you could give a money order as a gift.  My question is how do I cash them? Can I go to a regular bank or do I have to go somewhere else.  Someone told me I had to go to the post office. Is that true? To complicate things more they are made out to me only in my married name.  Does that mean I can't cash them? Thanks for any help.
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Re: Money Orders!?

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    Just make sure they've filled in all information on the front of the money order, if your name on your bank account is not in your married name you should be able to sign your married name (like they made the money order out) then sign your maiden name. If it's a post office money order the post office will cash them but they may give you a harder time about the name thing if your ID is still in your maiden name. This is what we do for people at my bank that I work at, Hope this helps!

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