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Best Store to Register for Bedding/Towels/Appliances??


From your experience, what has been the best store to Register for Bedding, Towels, and kitchen appliances?  I've been looking at Macy's and Target but I'm not loving either very much.  Any ideas and suggestions are truly appreciated! :)
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Re: Best Store to Register for Bedding/Towels/Appliances??

  • I'm a big fan of Bed Bath and Beyond.  My friends and family love using coupons to shop there, too.  The 20% off coupons (or $5 off $15 or more) expire, but they take expired coupons too, so start collecting them!!  They have everything from the upper end quality to the mid-grade in almost all major housewares and towels.  I've never had a bad product from there, although from time to time there are a few duds.  Check out online reviews on the products you register for, especially with kitchen appliances.  

    For towels... the biggest thing is how long will they last.  I have some Aegean Cotton Towels (just like Turkish Cotton in the stores now) and they get softer with each wash and the threads don't come loose either.  
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  • I too love BBB. We registered for some really nice towels there (could have gone even nicer too if we wanted) and they have tons of great kitchen appliances. We also did register at Target and found some better deals on some appliances there (and BBB didn't have nearly as many vacuums to choose from), but overall I highly suggest a BBB registry and then you can also register somewhere else.

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  • Macy's Hotel Collection!! BBB has good towels as well..but I hate the bedding. 
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  • I agree with BB&B, but as an FYI, not every store currently accepts the expired coupons.  About a year ago I hoarded up some coupons to purchase a wedding gift for some friends and when I went to use them I was told that the store policy no longer allowed expired coupons to be used, but that since I didn't know that ahead of time they would let it slide that one time.  I don't know if that is a BB&B policy or if it just applied to that specific store.
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