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What Goes With Kate Spade June Lane GOLD china?

Hi! I have always wanted the June Lane china (in Gold), by Kate Spade. I recently purchased the place settings. It is mainly gold-so I'm wondering what type of flateware goes well with it? I am thinking flatware that has some sort of gold accent. 

Is anyone familiar with the pattern? If so-what would you recommend using for flatware? 

Re: What Goes With Kate Spade June Lane GOLD china?

  • Flatware doesn't need to have gold to match china with a gold rim.  For (hundreds of?) years, flatware was sterling and china that was decorated was painted or embellished with gold.  I promise it won't look strange.

    Personally, I think something a little more streamlined and less ornate would look nice with June Lane.  It's a relatively casual pattern with the dragonfly motif, so very ornate flatware might register as odd.
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  • When we were registering in-store we actually made up a place setting with the china we picked on a little display table they set up for us and grabbed sets of all the flatware we were contemplating to set up with it.  If you have a Macy's or BBB nearby you could try this.  It really helped us decide how patterned/ ornate we wanted our flatware, and until you hold the pieces in your hands it's hard to know if it will be comfortable to use.  I thought I wanted something very sleek/ modern but all the pieces seemed too light and informal. (My fiance wanted something very ornate).  Eventually we found a combo we both liked.  We ended up going with Wedgwood Vera Wang Grosgrain for the flatware and Vera Wang Lace (gold) for the china.  I think silvertone flatware looks fine with gold trim china. All a matter of personal taste though!
  • I have Kate Spade Malmo flatware to go with my June Lane silver colored china.  It's a very minimalist pattern that won't overpower the china...have you tried to see whether this pattern may work with the gold china?
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