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I need to know who all I need to buy gifts for! I know the bridal party and ring bearer and flower girl. I have two candle lighters do I get them something? ALso who else??

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    We're getting gifts for candle lighters, readers, ushers, and our parents as well.  
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    I was a reader for a wedding recently and just got a nice hand written thank you.  I really appreciated that and didn't want or expect anything else.  Just a thought.
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    We are getting gifts for parents, WP, reader, ushers, shower hosts, and my aunt and uncle (rehearsal dinner hosts).
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    The plan is to give gifts to anyone who gives to the wedding. Parents, officiants, bridesmaids, groomsmen, altar guild (sets up the church, never paid), choir (also just unpaid church members). The officiants (at least 3 Priests for our High Solemn Mass) don't get paid, either.

    The organist will likely get a gift, too, even though I think we have to pay him. I imagine the gifts to the groomsmen will be more to their families. They're married with kids, and their time with the tux rental and rehearsal and bachelor dinner is out of their family time.

    The altar guild and choir will get our wedding music on CDs (legally). The organist will get sheet music. I checked with another organist that this is an appropriate gift. The officiants are getting books in particular areas of their interests.
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    What are you guys getting them?
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