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A friend has asked me for a list of people to invite to a bridal shower they are wanting to host for me.  If a person is invited to the bridal shower should the also be invited to the wedding?  The location for my wedding has a limited amount of room, but there are many other people that I would like to include in the celebrations that I know will understand if they do not get an invitation to the wedding since they know where it is and that there is limited room, but if they were not invited to a shower they would be upset to not be included.  I guess my question is:  Is it okay to invite someone to a shower, but not invite them to the wedding?

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    What she said. 

    Shower invite = MUST be invited to the wedding. 
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    No, sorry.  If you would like to invite more people, you need to change your venue.  Good luck and congrats!
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    Agree with PPs, anyone invited to pre-wedding parties are expected to be invited to the wedding.

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    Ditto. If you invite someone to a pre wedding event then you invite them to the main event. I'd totally get someone I know having a limit on who she can invite to the wedding but I wouldn't feel like I was "part of the group" if I was only invited to the shower.
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    I agree with PPs, you have to invite them to both.

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