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Pots & Pans?

FI and I did our registry this weekend. It was really fun! I am now second guessing the pots and pans we chose. We chose a Cuisene Art set, they are fairly inexpensive, about $150. I am reading the reviews online and they are mediocre. There is another set I found from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, brand is Simply Caphalon, that has great reviews but is almost double the price of the one we registered for, $300. We both cook all the time and I don't want to be sorry in 2 years that we got pots and pans that didn't last and we have to upgrade. I also don't want to have people think I'm a jerk by registering for a more expensive pots and pans set (with that said, I don't really know what the "normal" price is for pots and pans). What did everyone do for pots and pans?
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Re: Pots & Pans?

  • $150 is really very low for a whole set, and I think you're right that the quality won't be very good and the pieces won't hold up for the long haul.

    We didn't register for a set, because we don't need every single piece. Instead we registered for good quality pieces (in the $75 - $200 range each) that we know we'll use and love. That's what I would suggest. Then no one person has to buy the whole set. It also allowed us to get some non-stick pieces and some stainless steel.
  • Well the pots and pans we have are really, really bad. Like really bad lol. So we do need all new ones, which is why I would like to get a set.
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  • I registered for Cuisinart - but one of their top lines.  It is called Multi-Clad Pro and it has received great reviews, some close to All-Clad which runs from $750.  This Cusinart line runs about $299 at BBB, which is expensive but not too bad considering the quality.  I would do some research, see what you prefer - nonstick or stainless steel - and go from there.   This is one thing that I would want to be nice quality since you will use almost everyday.
  • We registered for individual pieces of Calphalon Tri-Ply.  We weren't about to put the full set on the registry.  FWIW, there is an individual piece called The Everyday Pan that is perfectly named.  We use this almost every single time we are making dinner.
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    [QUOTE]Well the pots and pans we have are really, really bad. Like really bad lol. So we do need all new ones, which is why I would like to get a set.
    Posted by maribeth721[/QUOTE]

    I just meant that, and I'm not sure about your set, but a lot of them come with two sizes of skillets or two sizes of sauce pans or other, what I consider, nonsense. We are replacing pretty much everything we currently have as well, but with pieces we'll get a lot of use out of not just the pieces Cusinart or whomever <em>thinks</em> you need.

    I just checked our registry and we're asking for:

    A 12-inch non-stick everyday pan with lid
    A 12-inch aluminum/stainless steel interior pan with lid
    A 4 qt non stick saucepan with lid
    A 12 qt stainless steel multi-cooker (a big pot with two inserts for steaming veggies and cooking pasta)

    We bought for ourselves last year a really nice enamel coated dutch oven which we use for soups and other slow-cook recipes like braising.

    Combined that essentially takes care of all the cooking we're ever going to need to do.

    We didn't even get all the same brand, but I can understand if you want them to match.
  • I have Simply Calphalon and I LOVE it.  Amazing stuff.  Rigt now, at Macy's, it is on sale. One of the few times a year that Calphalon goes on sale. 25% off during the Friends & Family sale , April 25-20th.  Friends & Family also happens in the fall. You don't have to use a Macy's with the F&F sale.    F&F is also good on Miss Me Jeans, Levi, Lauren, Tommy Hilfager, Coach purses - lots of things that coupons don't usually work on. Works on sale and regular price stuff.
  • We registered for the 13piece Calphalon Triply set.
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  • I have a Calphalon frying pan (got it for like 75% off at Kohls) and it's amazing.  It's definitely superior to my "regular" pots and pans.  I'd say $300 for a Calphalon set is worth it (and I think I registered for the same set!)
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  • sometimes you have to pay for quality.  don't register for something that might not work well for you just because it's cheap.  people may go in on a gift together.  I registered for an analon set and my father bought it for us as an engagement gift.  I love those heavy pans - the heat is retained well and consistent over the entire surface.  this is the time to register for things you really want!
  • I registered for a 450 tri ply copper 10 pc calphalon set. Register for the set you want. People may go in on the gift. Also highly recommend not going w non stick. Maybe register for a nice non stick skillet separately but wouldn't recommend for the whole set.
  • FI and I registered for an 8-piece tri-clad set from le creuset for $400, and we're supplementing with an additional oversized skillet for $130 and a 4 qt pot for $160.

    OP, the set you registered for is hard-core on the low end.  I don't think $300 is unreasonable at all.  I've seen more and more people register for the d5 all-clad line at williams sonoma - that stock pot alone is like $400.  They usually don't get all of it, but they tend to get 3 or 4 pieces.
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  • Calphalon is some of the best cookware around. I bought my current set, hard anondized non stick in 2002 and it has held up AMAZINGLY. It seriously still looks like the day I took it out of the box and I cook everyday and I'm hard on my pots and pans. Well worth the money. This is cookware that will last a lifetime. As far as registering for non stick vs. stainless steel - rememember these pans require MUCH different cooking methods and if you aren't used to cooking with stainless, chances are you won't be happy with the pans. Even if you get the top of the line All Clad, you won't be happy with them. I have one stainless steel pan and I love it BUT it took a learning curve in order to cook properly with it (and not burn all of my food). FWIW.  Good luck!!
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    We registered for the Cuisinart Multi-Clad 8pc set, and then one additional Multi-clad pan and a couple Caphalon non-stick pans. 

    There was the $300 12 pc Multi-Clad set, but I knew we wouldn't use a couple of the pieces, so we decided we'd be better off registering for a smaller 8pc set for $200, and adding a few additional pieces. 

    I agree with PP, $300 isn't that crazy.  I would just think about whether or not you'll use each pan.  If not, maybe consider registering for a smaller set of pans, and adding pieces. 
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    My aunt bought us a cookware set already and she did quite a bit of research before choosing the set she ended up buying.  She went with the Anolon Nouvelle Copper.  It's supposed to be a top of the line set.  Macy's sells it for $499, but I recently saw the set on Amazon for $260.

    I personally haven't used any of the pieces yet, but my aunt bought herself a set as well and she raves about it.
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  • Pots and pans are one of those things that you'll only have to buy one or twice in your life.  If you get a $150 set, you'll probably need to replace it in 5 years.  Go for quality.  Calphalon is a great brand.  Unless you badly burn something, you'll have them for a long time.  My parents have had their set for at least 15 years.
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    I'd think twice about non-stick cookware.  The chemicals used in non-stifck cookware can be pretty scary.

    We're registering for stainless steel and Le creuset enameled cast iron.
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    We wanted a brand that would last us a lifetime but the set we fell in love with was not sold in stores, called Royal Prestige. They have varying prices an d sets but the one we chose was $1,500 and low a was the first thing purchased of our registry.
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  • After LOTS of research, I went with the Calphalon Stainless Steel set and added in a few individual nonsitck pieces for things you want to use nonstick for, like eggs. I really debated about the set vs. individual pieces. The set had 13 pieces and was listed for $600. The individual pieces were at least $100 a piece, so it really did make sense to do the set. My mom was with me and said she and my sisters would go in on it for my shower. The salesman told her when to hit it just right between the sales, and Friends and Family at Macys, so they got it for like $350. They also bought it at bonus time so it came with a free nonstick everyday pan and a utensil holder, both of which were already on the registry. Not bad and I'm SO excited!!!

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  • We registered for Calphalon Tri-Ply. They are quite expensive, but they come with a lifetime guarantee so even if something happens to them in 10 years we can send them in and get a replacement. Also I was told the tri-ply has a metal core that goes up the sides as well so that it will heat food evenly, so no burning rice on the bottom of the pan.
  • We registered for the All Clad stainless steel set (10pc), but I also considered Calphalon's copper Tri-Ply, which is supposed to be incredible. I'd encourage you to register for something a little hgher-end - cookware is something where quality is really important, or you do end up relacing the pieces in a few years! If you're worried about the cost, you could regster for individual pieces... but I think BBB has Calphalon tri-ply sets for around $400.
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