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MOH and BM gifts

I'm thinking about some nice gold bracelets as part of my BM and MOH's gifts.  

This (<--- click) would be the gift for my MOH.


this (<--- click) would be the gift for my BMs.  

What do you ladies think?

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Re: MOH and BM gifts

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    pkontkpkontk member
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    They're cute and simple, so they would likely go with everyones' styles.  I couldn't read the font on the front of the MOH bangle, but as long as they don't say bridesmaid/moh ON them (which guarantees them never worn again) I think they're fine.
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    I have very small wrists and don't wear bracelets because they never fit right. I voted not my style because I wouldn't ever wear them. I think its better to individualize gifts so that everyone doesn't get the same thing. That way you can get each person something that fits their interests.
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    I think bangles are for very specific taste.  Only you'll know if your BMs will like them.
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    I like bangles, but cheap ones that jingle. I don't think I'd want one gold one. I would try something more personal. If you know your MOH really would like that you could still get her one. Just make sure you know your audience. 
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    Not everyone looks good in or likes gold. I have blonde hair and fair skin, so gold does not look good on me. You know your bridesmaids better than me though! Jcrew also has cute bracelets that are similar, but have a color on them. They are also cheaper, so you can get two for each girl. 
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    I personally love kate spade bangles and I think the ones you picked are cute. But everyone does have different tastes so it really depends on your girls. Only you know if they'll like them.
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    I really like them.  I wear bangles in pairs or trios though, so you might want to consider that too for your BP.  But I love them and I would so wear them.  
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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    I like the idea of bracelets but can't see myself (if I were your BM) actually wearing a BM bracelet around.  I'd go with a more neutral/less lovey dovey bracelet that she could wear anywhere.
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    I work at a desk and I HATE bangles. They bang against the desk and I always end up taking them off.
    If I ever wear them, it's on the weekend. Just something to think about.
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