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Is it necessary?

What if we don't register for gifts? Will it make the life of our guests harder?

Re: Is it necessary?

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    You may receive gifts that you don't want or need because some people prefer to give a physical gift over money.  Most will probably give money or gift cards.
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    Like PP said, you might receive gifts you don't need or want, and might not be able to return.  You might get a few duplicates as well.  If you register you'll at least get the gifts that you want. 
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    I don't think it will make things harder for them, but you will probably get a ton of gifts you don't want.  I know I would just give money if a friend didn't register, but a lot of people will just try to buy you stuff that they think you need.  

    I would think long and hard about whether or not you do need stuff.  Even since we started our registry a few months ago we've thought of lots of other things to add, just by going to make cookies and thinking hey, this kitchen gadget would be useful.  I see a lot of people that already have a home for years, but think about the difference when you run to the store and you're coffeemaker just broke so you got one to get by when a really nice one would make your day easier.  There are things like that which you might not buy yourself but you'd really enjoy having.
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    I do think it will make things harder for your guests.  People like registries because they know they are getting something the B&G want.  Most people, even your  relatives, probably don't know you guys well enough to pick out something you will love.

    And remember that you don't tell anybody about the registry unless they ask, so the people asking (or searching themselves) will be the ones who really want to know.
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    I'm a terrible gift giver.  I hem and haw and overthink *everything* for any gift occassion.  Even a  token bottle of wine takes me ages to choose because I'm so worried that the recipient won't like it, or it will turn out that they've decided to quit drinking....
    So wedding registries are a life saver for me.  I know that's not the case with everyone.  But the nice thing about registries is that they aren't obligations.  They're guidelines for people like me, that can't make a decision, and easily ignored by people that either a) want to be thoughtful and make you a quilt or b) *really* want to give you a chili pepper lamp.
    The decision is yours, but I recommend a registry!

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    I didn't register. At all. We mostly received cash and gift cards (Which was perfect for us). We had a few "rogue" gifts, but honestly, they came from relatives that are notorious for ignoring registries and buying whatever the heck they want, anyway, so making one wouldn't have prevented that.

    I'd say it's entirely up to you if you want to bother with making one or not.

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    No, you don't have to register.  But just remember that if you don't, you're at the mercy of other people's taste in gifts.  While many will give cash or cheques, there are those who want to give a tangible boxed type gift. 

    So that means that you may well be receiving a silver turtle toothpick holder or a hand crocheted toilet paper cover.  =)

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    Trix1223 post took me back to my adolescence when I was receiving gifts from aunts and grandmothers of things that I would be able to "use when I had my own home."  One of the more memorable gifts was a cream pitcher in the shape of a cow.  Even at 15 I really wasn't into cutesy.  My beloved mother saw the looks on my face as I opened these well meaning atrocities and took me to our local department store where I picked out a silver pattern.  We let gift givers know about this and by the time I did have my own apartment and was giving dinner parties, I had sterling silver.  I still have this silver and love it every time I use it. 

    Moral of this story.  Registering is a very acceptable way of making your wishes known to people who really want to give you a gift that you will appreciate.  Just remember the rule of a variety of price ranges.  I recently bought a wedding gift for a young bride who only registered for Waterford crystal and equally pricey china.  I don't have Waterford crystal.
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