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Kitchen and bathroom curtains

Where have you found pretty/colorful kitchen and bathroom curtains?

I have looked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and found their selection not that exciting.  Macy's and Target were also disappointments.  I am looking for a valance and tiers that DON'T reach the floor (just to the bottom of the window frame). 

Re: Kitchen and bathroom curtains

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    Honestly, this will make me look cheap, but Wal-Mart and Fred's. I didn't want to spend a lot on curtains so that's where I went.
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    What is Fred's?  Never heard of it in Michigan.  I avoid Walmart like the plague.
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    I found curtains are really like a specialty item and hard to find at general stores...I did find some decent ones at BBB. But def let us know if you find a good selection someplace else!
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    Ikea usually has a great selection of different sized curtians, rods, and accessories. If there isn't one in your area, you can find them on their website. Even if they are too long, many of them come with iron on hem tape, so you can cut them and hem them without a sewing machine.

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