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Unique Groomsmen gift ideas??

My fiancee is having a really hard time figuring out a unique groommen I thought I would reach out to all of you! Any fun ideas???

Re: Unique Groomsmen gift ideas??

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    Ditto PP
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    Yes shop like it is his birthday, we got our BM a chair that is also a cooler so her could use it when he goes fishing.
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    Tell your FI to shop for his GM as if he were buying for their birthdays. Getting each guy an individual gift catered to his interests will be much more meaningful than a generic, WR item.
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    i'm sorry, guys are NOT going to go shopping for their guys like it's their birthdays. Guys usually don't like shopping at all. Here are a few suggestions that I've seen over the years: beer of the month club, a nice golf club, a different cologne set for each guy (with a gift receipt). 
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    H did not go shopping, I did. I gave him some ideas and he picked one. That is his shopping
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    On, you can order a small silver flashlight with their initials on it.  I love flashlights and I thought this would be unique.  FI nixed the idea, but I thought it was a good one. 
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    My fiancé wants to get his groomsmen engraved flasks, but they all really like doing scotch tastings together, so it makes sense I guess. 
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    I liked when my FI got cuff links with the Yankees logo..each guy got his favorite teams logo on the cuff links to wear in the wedding and for work or whatever. They were individualized and didn't have to only be for wedding. Personalized flasks are always good too!

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      My FI is getting all the GM pocket knives with their monogram on it. It's practical and they're very nice knives, so not necessarily anything the GM would buy for themselves. I wasn't so sure about the idea until I started asking guy friends how they'd like to receive that as a gift and I've gotten good responses. 
      FI has been in a lot of weddings, so he wanted something different than the items he's received. Hi all-time favorite gift was a pair of Detroit Tigers cuff links (the old English D). He loves them and wears them every chance he gets. The groom bought different cufflinks for each GM based on their fave sports team.
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    I'm getting our Groomsmen personalized Capcatchers! They are so awesome, I can't wait!!

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    I think the cuff link idea is neat too...favorite teams, or just cuff links that represent something the person likes.
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