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Living Internationally?


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for registering when my FH and are going to be living internationally.  We will be getting married in the US (where our families live). 

First of all, we're not expecting many gifts.

I completely understand that people want to touch and feel the gifts that they give. 

However, we're in a bit of a tough spot: beds are different sizes, and everything uses a different current in Australia.  I'm also hesitant to register for china, as I would hate to ship it and have it break.  We'd also quite frankly rather go to ikea and get $2 plates and glasses and replace them as they break. 

Has anyone else been in this situation? What to register for? I've already registered for orange towels for my fiance, but that's a pretty sparse registry. ;-)

I'm just confused.  I'm sorry if I come off as entitled!  Knotties have been so helpful, I hope you gals can be helpful here too! I'd rather hear from you folks than walk into a store looking bewildered and fall victim to someone working on a commission, you know?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Living Internationally?

  • Make a small registry of things that are packable and practical. From my understanding, it's also okay to ask your immediate family/bridal party to let people know, if they ask, that you'd prefer a monetary gift, since you're headed overseas. And if people ask you directly, you can let them know your preferences, as well. We're moving to another country shortly after our wedding and FMIL went ahead and told people, without asking us "Don't buy them plates and things- they're moving! If you want to give them something, make it cash!" haha... a little more blunt than I would have been, but accurate. :)

    Good luck!
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  • Cant you register at a store thats in (im assuming) Australia? 
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  • try - they are specializing in international registries.
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