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For my friend~Seriously

I know, I know.... That's what they all say. :)

She is getting married quickly and will likely not have a wedding shower.  She and her soon to be husband live together and don't really need anything. Because of the "shotgunness" of their wedding, they don't have time to save for their honeymoon.  She wants to know about etiquette of adding that "cash for their honeymoon would be greatly appreciated" to the "registry" card in her invitations.  Personally, I would like to get her whatever she needs, so cash is fine with me, but for her not so close friends, is there a tactful way to go about this?  Specific wording that you recommend?

The whole honeyfund thing isn't really our backwoods cup of tea...

Thanks so much for your input.  And don't go off on me, i'm just the asker.  I will not be doing this for my own wedding.  We're giving ourselves far more time to plan and save. :)
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