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What did you register for that is most useful?

My three aunts and grandparents bought me William Sonoma gift cards for our engagement gifts so that I could buy whatever we needed. I haven't used them yet, but would like to use them soon (lots of sales going on).

Any ideas of something really useful to purchase? We don't plan on using what we buy until we're married, but I'd like to pick something out that is practical, useful, etc. I know my aunts and grandparents will soon ask me what I bought with the card, and I'd like to be able to tell them we used it for something really practical.

Any favorite registry items of yours? Thank you! :)

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Re: What did you register for that is most useful?

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    Our flatware, silverware, and cups all get regular use and were great upgrades from what we were using. Of the big items, our crockpot has been a quite nice addition and our two new pots have gotten good use.
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    I agree with PP - it depends entirely on the size of the gift card and your skill.  Personally, I think WS goldtouch bakeware is the best on the market - it's a splurge but not crazy expensive like some of their cookware.
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    Definitely our cookware and our Corningware. 
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    Most useful would be our new towels and sheets (high quality ones), our Dutch oven and slow cooker for the kitchen, and a new high-powered vacuum (not a Dyson but another nice, slightly less expensive one).

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    Seconding the WS gold touch bakewear.  I have an 8 inch square, multiple loaf pans (including minis), and a muffin tin.  I make a lot of quickbreads and muffins, and the goldtouch is awesome. 
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    These are all wonderful suggestions! We are big bakers, so I'm definitely checking out the WS goldtouch bakeware!

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    We use our new casual dishes every day.    

    As far as cooking/baking stuff, I would recommend you invest in really nice knives.  We have Henckels and have been adding pieces when we can afford it.  They are phenomenal.
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    If you do not have at least one quality knife, I'd suggest a 7-8 inch chef's knife. I received one from H while we were dating, and it is the one item I use and love the most in my kitchen. Henckel and Wustoff are good brands to check out. Despite having a few other quality knives, my 8 inch chefs knife gets the most use. 

    In terms of what we received from our registry that gets the most use is our Calphalon triply stainless steel 8 quart stock pot, and a few Calphalon triply stainless steel skillets. I had mostly nonstick pans and wanted to upgrade a few of them to stainless. They take some getting used to, but I've found mine to highly superior to what I had. 
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    Our new high-end coffee maker, and our crock pot. We have 2 crock pots and have already had an occasion to use them at the same time.
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    Our Calphalon Unison cookware. We use it ever day, and it is so awesome and easy to clean, I love it! I was also really excited about my KA stand mixer, which came in really handy around the holidays. And, not as glamorous, but the hand-held Shark vacuum is great too. I use it pretty much every day to clean up smaller messes. 
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    I got a registry item for my birthday which is our KA mixer we use it so much.  ALso make sure you have good knives and good pans would be my suggestion
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    I agree that it depends on the value of your gift card.  I looooove the gold touch bake ware!  I can't recommend it enough.  But if it is a larger value, I love love love my All Clad D-5 Cookware set.  I am a huge cook and use it constantly and the stainless steel will hold up much better than non-stick.  I just have 1 non-stick fry pan we got separate from the set.

    I also love their emile henry stuff.  I have two pie plates in nuget that I use often.  And I looooove my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, it wasn't a wedding gift (I got it using my credit card reward points), but it's awesome.
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