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Destination wedding and registering for gifts

We are planning a destination wedding. We are not planning on registering for gifts due to the expense our guests will have to pay to get to our wedding. What is your opinion on the matter?

Re: Destination wedding and registering for gifts

  • I had a destination wedding too. You'll get gifts anyway. You may as well get what you want. And, not everyone will go to your wedding and they'll want to give you gifts. Again, you may was well get stuff you want, need, or like.
  • I think it's fine to create a small registry in case people want ideas of what you would like.  As long as you don't broadcast the information, i.e. you don't say anything about your registry unless someone asks, people are choosing to seek out the information and select something for you and it's not gift grabby.
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  • I would suggest using a wedding website that has a gift registry tied into it. That way you could share all the details of your big day and communicate a lot of necessary information to your guests and then hey, here's the registry BTW! Look at My Registry or
  • I am doing a destination too. We are registering anyway, surprisingly it was great experience for me and my FI. Go For it!

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    Some people might now give you a gift because of the expense of travelling, but many still will. Not registering won't change any of that.

    Hopefully most of your guests will know better and either ship items to your home before or after the wedding or will just give you cash. That's what I would do (and have done in the past). But there are bound to be a few people who don't, and it's your responsibility to get those gifts home -- plan to bring a big empty suitcase for that or you'll have to ship them home.
  • Thanks for all the thoughts.  We'll have to rethink the notion of registering.  
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