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i need help with this!!!

Hello everyone !!! im a Turkish girl, about to get married with an American guy and i need some help about the wedding traditions in the USA !!! In Turkey, the groom (+his family) buys the bride a set of golden necklace+earrings+ring as a wedding gift. And the bride (+her family) buys a nice watch for the groom. But i have no idea how things are going in American weddings. Can someone pls give me ideas on this ? I also want to add that neither of us have any financial problems about the wedding. Thanks a lot for your help :)

Re: i need help with this!!!

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    As far as I know, American parents don't really give gifts to their daughters and sons-in-law to be at the wedding.

    I gave DH a gift (an iPhone) and he gave me a pair of diamond and aquamarine earrings, but that was just because we wanted to and not because of any tradition.  Some brides and grooms exchange wedding gifts, others don't. 
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    Couples sometimes exchange gifts.  We didn't.  Things like jewelry and watches do fall under typical gifts exchanged between the bride and groom, though.
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