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Wedding Registry for Xmas?

So, the family has asked what we want for Christmas.  We have already started to register.  (Kind of piece meal the FI loves the scanning gun  :))  I am tired I don't know what I want.  What we really want is the stuff we registered for. Is it okay to tell my Mom and FMIL that if people want to know what we want for Christmas to just get us something off the registry?  It seems kind of tacky, I don't know....

Also, we registered at REI so there are obviously gifts for us as individuals like a man's sleeping bag and a female camelback. 
Our registrty is a work in progress, as the wedding gets closer we are going to really make sure there are lots of options in different price ranges for our wedding guests as well.
I guess I could always remove it from the registry, put it on my xmas list and then put it back on the registry if I dont get it?

Re: Wedding Registry for Xmas?

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    I see nothing wrong with it either, as long as people don't start registering for Christmas like its a shower or something! But if you already have it up and running than why not let people buy from it for Christmas?
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    I'm in the exact same position. The other day my mom asked what we wanted for christmas. I told her we were working on the registry and she could take a look at that if she wanted. She said "that's for your wedding". Ummm... okay. So I told her we wanted a Wii and took it off the registry.

    If you don't want to tell people to look at the registry, just tell them a couple things off your list. 
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    I think it's fine, lots of people do this around the holidays
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    Totally fine, My sister's birthday was a few weeks before her wedding, so I got her something off her registry.  She did the same for me when it was my birthday.  I'll probably get her something left on it for christmas.
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    Thanks, I wasn't sure if there was a no no I wasn't aware of. That makes my life way easier.
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    I think it's a good idea. I would do it too if we had registered, but we probably won't register until after the new year. If you feel funny about giving them the registries, just ask for things off of it and remove them unless you don' receive them.

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