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Hi all,

We live in an apartment in NYC and plan to store our wedding gifts at my fiance's parents' house in NJ until we move into a house.  Does anyone have advice about registering for gifts for a house you don't plan on buying for 2-3 years?  I just want to make sure I ask for the right gifts!  I won't know how I want to decorate a room 3 years from now...

Thank you!


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    We are in the same boat... smallest apartment in the world, no room for anything and not moving into a house anytime soon. Also, my parents have no room in their basement for things. We're registering for formality but we hope we get cash because we need it and we do not have the space for any gifts.
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    If you want cash, register for very few items.  If you want items, register for neutrals.  Choose a china pattern that is white or ivory, maybe with some simple platinum bands, etc - that will match any decor or paint color in the future.  Register for white or taupe towels and sheets - again, that will match everything and the nice thing about white linens is they can be bleached.

    You can decide what your preference is as far as small appliances go - you really only have 3 choices - white, black, and stainless.  While they may not match large appliances that come with a house (assuming that happens for you - most houses come empty), most small appliances blend fine with large appliances of another color.

    You get the picture.
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    I agree -- go with neutrals.   You can start using bedlinens and towels now, so register for what you like.  No matter how many times you move or change your decor, you will always be able to use white or cream colored sheets, or white/cream/beige towels.  Trust me -- I'm in the military and have moved 6 times in the last 10 years.  I've quit spending money on colored towels because they never go with the next place I move....white and beige work everywhere!

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    I agree, I would register for kitchen gadgets, and towels, sheets, bedding, plates, etc. in neutral colors. If you dont want a lot of things, create a small registry.
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    Thanks, everyone!  Great advice.
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