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Different Registries / Differently Priced Items

This may be a silly question, but I'm curious. On one of our registries, all the cheaper items have been purchased, and all that's left are $100-$150 items. We do have multiple cheaper things on our other registry... should we add more little things to the first registry? Or just assume that people will hop on over to the second registry if they don't find anything they want on their price range?

Re: Different Registries / Differently Priced Items

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    Do you have anything in the $100-$150 range that can be broken up into individual pieces vs. set?  That may help if people just don't realize you have another list.  I would say most are smart enough to look for a second store registry if the first one they find is out of their price range.  I wonder if any "marrieds" on here have experience after-the-fact who can tell us about the success of multiple registries.  I have 2 as well, but I'm realizing that people will probably JUST look at the BB&B list and not look at the Sears list.  We shall see!!
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    Do you have more showers left? If so I would add some smaller items to the first registry. If not and you second registry has enough on it, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Is one of the stores more convenient for your guests than the other?  Keep in mind that your guests might be shopping in the stores instead of online.  I tend to agree with Mary, though, that if you don't have any more showers, it's not a big deal, although if you can move some smaller things, that might be good. 

    FWIW, we have BBB, Macy's, and Amazon, and we've had a fair amount of items fulfilled from each registry so far.  At first, it seemed like most people were buying from Macy's and Amazon and not BB, but my shower is in two weeks, so now there's a more even distribution. 
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    There aren't any ways to break it up (we already broke up our cookware set on another registry) -- it's just that only the most expensive items are left on that registry. I do have another shower in two weeks. Looks like maybe I should add a couple less-expensive things to the first registry.
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    In the beginning almost all of our gifts came from BBB, but as that got picked clean, people started buying from the other registries.  I think many people shop in-store for shower gifts, and BBB is an attractive option because people can use the coupons. 

    Your higher priced items may be unpurchased because they're only available online, and/or too expensive to ship.   A friend of mine has a BBB registry where only the higher-priced items are available (with a few exceptions) and when I went to buy one, every single item left on her registry was not available in stores.  The less expensive items are generally smaller and seem to be more universally stocked.  I don't know if this is true for other stores, but you may want to look into it.  I'm not saying you need to change this, necessarily, but it could explain what's going on.
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    I'm running into the same thing - I have two showers coming up, and there's very little left on BBB that's in the lower price ranges; most of it is our china/crystal/silver.

    But I have a decent number of cheaper options left on our Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma registries, so I'm leaving it as-is.  I don't want to add more stuff we don't want or need just so there are cheaper options on all three registries.  I figure people can check the others, or give cash or a gift card
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