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So yesterday I got my mom a $130 diamond necklace to thank her for helping pay for the half the wedding and a $50 bracelet for my sister for helping organize the wedding.

Now I have to think about the in-laws. My mom is single so the $130 gift went all to her.  I think I should either get the in-laws something that is a gift they can both use totaling around $150 or something for each parent around $75. My future mother in law was saying last night that she was looking for a necklace to match her dress for the wedding. So I don't know if I should look for something around $75 or find something both she and her husband can use for $150. Men are difficult to shop for. My future father in law has a ton of watches.

Any suggestions???

Also my fiance's aunt and uncle helped us out a lot so I want to get them gifts as well but not as expensive as what I would get the in laws. Any suggestions???

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    I would get each inlaw something seperately. Have you thought about going necklace shopping with your future mother in law? This would also give you some bonding time. Men are very difficult to shop for. Have you thought about letting your FI shop for him? He, being a male, will have some ideas. For your aunt and uncle, I'd buy a gift together...maybe something nice for their home, just as a token of your appreciation :)

    It sounds like you have an amazing, supportive, and helpful family! :)
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I'm getting married in the country where my sister lives so she offered to help since she has connections. Only problem is that she'll never let me forget that she helped me! When my FI and I were talking about maybe getting married in that country, she encouraged us to do so saying she would help in any way she could. We stayed with her for 2 weeks while we were looking for venues which was a disaster. She acted like we were taking advantage of her when I asked if she could give my FI a ride to see his brother 15minutes away. Anyway long story...

    But on the whole, my FI's family is great!!
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    I totally understand the "equity" thing with giving gifts to different people (my family is totally all about, "Hey, they got more than we did!"), but at the same time, I wouldn't harp on the dollar amount so much as I would the MEANING.  Find gifts that are significant to the couples because then they will appreciate it more and focus on dollars less.  My parents. who have literally never been on a vacation alone,  are taking a trip to Hawaii at the end of of the year, so we are paying for an excursion on their trip and printing it out on pretty paper and putting it in a frame for them.  My fiance's parents, who are all about family meals and cooking, will be getting something along those lines (we haven't yet worked it out).
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    We are thinking about taking my inlaws to San Francisco for a long weekend - they have done so much for us not only for the wedding but for the duration of the 4 1/2 years we have been together. 
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