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is it ok to register only 5 months before the wedding?

I am getting married in early May and have read that I should be registered by now but we haven't had time to go do it yet. My matron of honor told me that since the holidays are coming up I shoudl wait until January because things may go on clearance or be discontinued after the holiday season. Is it ok to register for a May wedding in January? 

Re: is it ok to register only 5 months before the wedding?

  • Go for it. As long as you do it pre shower you're fine.
  • We registerd 4 months before our wedding, and nobody bought anything off it until 6 weeks before the wedding.
  • We registered about two months before our wedding.  Yup.
  • You're fine. We registered about 3 months out, and had our first shower 2 months out. We didn't receive a single gift until our first shower.
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    We started our registry and put a few things on it in November for our May wedding, and then finished it up in January.  We wanted to start before the holidays because a couple of relatives were asking what we wanted.  If you think anyone would want to get you something for a holiday gift, it couldn't hurt to start with a few basics now.  

    If you don't want to, January is fine.  As long as you register before any shower invitations go out, you don't have any deadlines to worry about.  
  • You're fine. We registered a couple weeks ago for our June 1st wedding, and got a whole lot of snark on here for it being too early! ;)
  • Well, I guess january will be no late to create registry. You may register in January.
  • You are totally fine!  We registered about 4-5 months prior to our wedding.  We had moved in together a few months before and we wanted to see what we needed from combining.  My aunts were in a hissy from almost the immediately after we were engaged that we hadn't registered.


  • you're fine.  we waited until the last minute and registered like 3 days before the shower invites went out!
  • We started our registry when we sent out the save the dates. I'm keeping an eye on it just incase something does go clearance so I can switch it out. It's not a big deal, just go for it! :)
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  • My FI and I didn't register until about two weeks before the invites went out which was seven weeks before the wedding.  I didn't see a problem with it since we did it before any showers or invitations went out.  (Also, we did have a rather short engagement: 6 months).

  • I'm getting married in June and we're not registered yet either. My shower is in April, so we will register before then, but there really isn't a need to register so early anyhow b/c mostly the gifts are bought for your shower so if your shower is really close to the wedding and your register so far in advance, the gifts just sit there on there website. There's really no point to go out an register the second you get engaged like so many people that I know.
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