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Not having a bridal shower-Registry?

I'm not going to be having a bridal shower. I don't like them, and I really don't like the attention, and FI and I have lived together for 5 years and have everything we could need at this time, including upgrades.  Wedding day attention is going to be hard enough for me. 

We ultimately would love for our guests to contribute to our honeymoon, and had this thought well before all of the honeymoon registries were created.  Since we plan to tour Europe, we had the idea of asking them for their favorite places, and leaving contributions towards achieving that goal up to them and without mention.  I know that honeymoon registries are generally deemed tacky and against ettiquitte on this board, but we aren't thinking about this in terms of getting people's money, we just want their opinions on spots to visit in Europe.  

Since I'm not having a bridal shower, how should we approach this? Would a traditional registry still be appropriate? Would combining the two work, except not using an online honeymoon registry websites?  Maybe something like, in addition to being registered at STORE and STORE, the couple would like you to suggest a location in Europe to spend of part their honeymoon.  Do you think that would still be tacky? 
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