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My fiance and I will not be able to afford a honeymoon. I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for donations to our honeymoon fund?

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  • Did you read the "Thinking of a Honeymoon Registry" sticky at the top of the thread? I'd do that.
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    [QUOTE]My fiance and I will not be able to afford a honeymoon. I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for donations to our honeymoon fund?
    Posted by kjwalsh1687[/QUOTE]
    No.  If you don't need anything for your home then if guests ask tell them you're saving for ______.  
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  • No it is not alright to ask for donations, it is rude!

    You will probably receive some cash gifts without embarrasing yourself by asking, so just use that money. You will have to delay your honeymoon until you know how much you will have to spend but at least at that point you will know what you can afford and plan accordingly.

  • I noticed you are not getting married until May of 2013. You have plenty of time to save some money for an affordable honeymoon.  
  • Please don't make yourself into a charity case.
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    You've been a member on the boards for several months.  Have you lurked at all?

    Ditto the others.  A HM trip is not a must or a right and is no one's financial responsibility except the B&G's.   Save up and plan one you can afford.  Or, do a long weekend somewhere.  Bed and Breakfasts are nice for a long weekend.  Or, spend your wedding night at a nice hotel locally and save up for a really nice 1st anniversary trip.
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  • No.  You can do what we did and delay it for a year if you seriously cannot save for one in the more than a year before your wedding.
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  • I think you have plenty of time to save up for it. If you each put away 20 bucks a week starting the new year you'll have $2,080 by the last week of next year. You can your HM then 5 months in advance. You can save money by doing little things like packing a lunch instead of buying out, don't order out as much, change light bulbs to energy efficient ones, take toll free roads (if possible), buy generic products, leave the heat on low during the winter, downgrade cell phone plan, reduce use of air conditioning, etc. 
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  • Personally I don't find anything wrong with a honeymoon registry in addition to a gift registry,.  Despite what everyone likes to think NOT every honeymoon registry charges a fee and some direct the guests to send the money directly to the B&G and do not actually oversee the money themselves at all.  

    However, if you intend to take your honeymoon directly after your wedding this will not necessarily work for you.  Many of your cash gifts will come at your reception, and you have no way of predicting how much you will be getting.  Relying on cash gifts just isn't practical.

    You may have to consider putting off your honeymoon or starting a hardcore budget limiting every penny you and your fiance spend, so you can instead set it aside for your trip.

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a honeymoon registry!  Guests are going to spend money on you whether it's in the form of pots, pans, a check or dinner in Rome.  Why not ask for what you actually want (your honeymoon) instead of things you don't necessarily need?  My fiance and I will have been living together for 3 years when we get married and there is almost nothing I need/want for our home.  I would much rather get a tour of the Vatican than another set of towels.  If you just create a small gift registry and then hope for cash from people you run the risk of getting useless things they think you need that you actually don't.  Do what you want! It's your wedding!!!
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