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Home Depot Registry?

Does anyone know if Home Depot or Lowe's has a registry? We need more gardening stuff and tools than home stuff and with the problems with Sears I'd be nervous to use them since we're not getting married until October and who knows what will happen with them between now and then.

thank you

Re: Home Depot Registry?

  • From what I understand Home Depot doesn't have a national registry or an online registry. Guests have to go to the same store you registered at and buy from there. And not all home depots have a registry, anyway. Not sure about Lowes at all. I hear you on the Sears thing. They've been threatening to close the one near me for ages, but it is still hanging in there... by a thread lol.
  • Feeling the same way... I have had a house for like 8 years, so  I don't need and normal registry items... already have a Kitchenaid mixer and a Dyson, so what more do I need? I too would like to receive Home Depot or Lowe's gifts or Giftcards from there... I'm told that it would be tacky, but I would LOVE to just be able to remodel my house... what can we do?
  • we are hoping to do a lowes registry but maybe I'll just have to let the family & friends know casually word fo mouth style. we're also building a house so we kinda need almost everything
  • I don't know about lowe's, but home depot does require you to go to the particular, physical store where the couple registered.  If you want tools/gardening stuff I second amazon.  They have a lot of options for that sort of thing.
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  • I think in this case a universal registry, like Amazon, is probably the best choice. Home Depot requires guests to go to the exact same store you registered with, which could be really inconvenient, depending on where your guests live. With Amazon, you can add items from all over the internet, and guests just buy online.
  • are you against asking for gift cards?  you could just ask for gc to home depot/lowes on your website and just explain you wanted to do a registry but the store doesn't offer one.
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