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Macy's casual dining

Hi everyone,
I'm getting married in 8 months, and we're planning on registering in about two months or so. I was in Macy's today looking at dishes (the Vida collection by Eva Mendes), and the saleslady told me that the dishes I were looking at are 'seasonal' and they may not be there in the fall, because most of the dishes will be Christmas dishes.

So I'm wondering what we'll need to do! I love the dishes they have now, they're the colors of my ideal kitchen, but will there only be winter dishes out when guests are purchasing our gifts? Does anyone know if there's a way to get dishes online off season? Has anyone had any luck (or no luck) on registering for dishes that may be considered 'seasonal'? Thanks for your help!

Re: Macy's casual dining

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    Why don't you go register for them now? 8 months is not too far off for some people to start asking about where you're registered at. And any early birds that ask, just point them in the direction of your macy's registry.
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    They will probably carry that line of dishes online well after they quit carrying them in the store, if they actually do discontinue them. I would actually go ahead and make your registry now, and put those dishes on there. That way, you can track them, and see if they become unavailable.
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    I am registered at Macy's as well as a former employee with the company. I am facing the same problem with my everyday pattern. Unfortunately, Macy's doesn't have a large selection of ever day, year around dishes (other than Martha Stewart and the Fiesta pattern). My wedding is this November, and my plan is to go in August or September and register for some fall/winter dishes that will be around for a few months. 

    If you don't like those options, your best bet is to register in a second location that has the dishes you're looking for.

    You should also consider that you'll probably get a good chunk of cash and gift certificates, so that can be used towards purchasing dishes after the wedding.

    As for the PP comment, Macy's is usually pretty good about phasing store and online products out at the same time. Chances are if it discontinues in your location, it's going to discontinue online as well.
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    if they have dishes you really want that won't be around by the time of your wedding, i would buy them now - yourself.  then register for other things.
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