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Guest card box...

Does anyone know where to get cute guest card or gift card boxes for those who bring them to the wedding??

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    I got mine at Michaels. It's from the "Brides" line they carry (we got the invites, name cards & gift box there). I beleive it was only $20 and they always have coupons for 20% off so it was a bargin.
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    You can DYI, but I got mine at Hobby Lobby. The Bridal section is on sale this week 50% off. You can get it for $25.  The boxes at my HL disappear so fast when on sale, I ended up getting mine at reg price with a 40% coupon from their website, it ended up being $30
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    I did a DIY card box PIB

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of the premade ones at craft stores and such. I think they're ugly and overpriced. I loved a lot of the DIY ones I saw in other knottie's bios so I took inspiration from there. Mine just looks like a giant present with a slit in the front for cards. It actually came out bigger than I intended but I don't mind because mine probably cost less than $8 to make. 
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    I DIY'd mine: It took 3 different sized hat boxes, some wedding gift wrap, and then some ribbon and flower for accents.

    Good Luck, hope you find what you need!

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    DIY is the best way to go I think, these things can get super expensive, and in the end they are just a box. One thing to be careful of though is that it is easy to get the cards in, but difficult to get them out without it being really obvious. I know it sucks to say it or even think it, but people like to steal gifts from weddings, especially cards which most likely contain money or some form of money.
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    Thanks for all your ideas!! I think I am going to try the DIY route...I am doing my programs, guest book, OOT pamphlets, and well wishes book as well - might as well use some of the materials I got for those. Where is a good place to get boxes or hat boxes?? Michaels or Hobby Lobby?? Thinking of wrapping it in pretty fabric - maybe...might be hard to adhere things to though.
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    I worked at Pottery Barn Kids last year...

    I bought this as our card box:

    We painted it navy blue (our wedding color) and ordered 2 white monograms from Etsy to place on each side.  It looked GREAT, and it's now sitting in our house :)
  • Options is where I got's not a birdcage and not a box wrapped in paper. I think it's just the right size and really pretty!
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    I purchased all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
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    Would any of you ladies (or gents) mind posting your instructions or photo's for your DIY card boxes?? I'd be forever appreciative! Thanks!! Or email mdargon at msl dot edu
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