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Never got gifts?

There are multiple items purchased off our registries that we never got at the wedding or shipped to our house.  How long do we wait before I contact the stores?
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Re: Never got gifts?

  • If it as been more than a week since the item was shipped, it might be time to give the store a call.  Good luck!
  • We used BB&B, and I would say that it was probably at least 2-3 weeks between when the item was purchased and when we received it.   Having ordered from them myself, I know that often items don't even SHIP OUT from their facility until at least a week after purchase.   So add another week-plus for shipping depending onwhere you live, and yeah, it can feel like forever.
  • This happened to us, but we eventually received everything that was marked as purchased.
  • This happened to us. 2 gifts have still not shown up and it's been 6 months. I called and they said they were purchased in store and there is nothing they could do.
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  • One of my friends just gave me my wedding gift that she had purchased from our registry. I've been married for six weeks. We're still getting cards and things, too.
  • This is a good question, thank you for asking it!  We had a set of bowls purchased from C and B that didn't show up at my shower this past week.  We are assuming they were purchased in the same order as a wedding gift, but will follow up if not.

    I would also flag that in some cases, if people purchase things that are on your registry for themselves in the same order they buy your gift, they often show as purchased.  

    Example:  We registered for a Salad Spinner.   Someone shopping for my shower purchased one for themselves and it showed up on our registry as purchased.  Ditto a small set of bag clips.   

    Not all stores are good at making distinctions between registry and non-registry purchases etc.
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