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Is it really standard to register at 3 places?

I heard that it's a convenience to the guests to give them several options. I don't have to think about registering for awhile yet, but I would feel gift-grabby/rude registering at 3 stores!  We are in our early twenties and don't have much (and what we do have isn't of quality to last), so most everyone I've talked to thinks I'm being silly. What's standard? What's rude? Where's the line?

ETA: I saw someone asked this question recently, so nevermind! I'm one of the first among my friends to get married, which is why I'm so clueless about everything! =/

Re: Is it really standard to register at 3 places?

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    Nope, it's not rude. It's fine.

    We had to register at three places, there was no way we could have found enough stuff at one store. We're in our mid-30s, we've each lived on our own for quite some time, and we actually had a pretty hard time registering for enough stuff to flesh out even a small registry.

    We chose Crate & Barrel, Macy's and :)
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    Registering at a few places helps the guests with prices options and also store selections.  We registered at BB&B, C&B, and Sears. 

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    FI and I plan on registering three places. Not only does it give guests a range of options to choose from and prices, but there may be a couple things at a third store you might want.

    One of FIs friends wife to be registered at 5 different places... IMO that is tacky.
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    The only time I think registering at 3 places is rude is if they are all high-end stores. One of my husband's cousins registered at 3 super expensive stores and it was such a pain trying to find a gift that wouldn't break the bank.

    We registered at Macys, BB&B, and Sears.
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    It's fine to register at 3 places, I felt the same way when we decided to register at Crate & Barrel bringing us up to 3 stores. We attended one of their private registering events and fell in love with their stuff so we just started scanning away. We talked to my mom after and she reassured us that having 3 registries was actually better for guests to give them more options on places to shop and several different price points.

    From what I've seen on here, 2-3 registries seems to be the norm. We registered at Target, BBB, and Crate & Barrel. HTH!
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    I registered at Macy's, BB&B, Amazon and Target so everyone can find gifts in their budget and at place (in person or online) that is good for them.  The amazon register only has stuff on it that is on the other 3 registries but at a better price, that is the only reason I have it.  But registering for the same thing at multiple places does create work for you, when someone buys something off of one registry you have to manually update the others to prevent duplicate gifts.
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    I don't think three places is all that obsurd, given that you indicated that you both are just starting out and need a lot of household items. Registering at multiple stores gives your guests options in terms of selections, tastes and price ranges. While your girlfriend from college would have no problem picking up something off a registry at Target or BB&B, your great aunt Shirley might feel more comfortable purchasing something from Macy's or Dillards.

    Now, registering at 5 different places, or making up a registry at Forever 21...that's a bit obsurd. :)

    We're planning on setting up small registries at 2-3 places to give our guests some variety. We're registering at BB&B for our basics (household appliances, dinnerware, etc.), and are looking at places like Kohls, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn for specific/unique items (entertaining pieces, etc.).

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    I get annoyed when a couple only registers at one place.  3 is great.  It gives the guest choice even if one of the stores isn't convenient for them.
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    2-3 seems to be the norm. We registered at Target and Macy's and are happy with both the registries thus far.

    The only way that registering at 3 places would be rude or gift grabby is if you didn't include all price points. Make sure you have a variety of prices and you'll be all set.
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    FI and I are both in our early to mid-20s as well and felt the same way as you at first. We registered at Macy's for our dishes, flatware, and bedding and BBB for all the rest at first. We later added C&B for a third option and to get some more unique pieces into our registry. It is definitely not rude to register at 3 places and you should register for what you want and need! People want to get you want you want. Better to have them pick something you want off the registry than for them to guess and get you a random gift because you didn't register for enough gifts at enough places. Go ahead and register for quality and upgrade items you want but just make sure to hit all the price points to keep your guests happy.
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    I agree with pp.  I chose to register at 3 places to give guests a variety of price points to choose from.  I also hate when I'm only left with one choice. 
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