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Wedding Gift for Little Brother

I was recently married in June and knew my little brother was not far behind. They were so nice not to overshadow my date with any of their plans that they didn't plan a date at all...or at least let anyone know. Today I was informed that they are getting married a week from Saturday, on Spet 8! HELP! I don't know what kind of gift to get them. She was the perfect assistant to my decorations that it was a gift in itself. I want to give them something special, but sure haven't saved for anything huge.

They are avid hunters and have a house that is already put together. Any ideas?  (With such a short time frame.)

Re: Wedding Gift for Little Brother

  • Cash and a lovely card with a thoughtful handwritten message.
  • I know it's not very personal, but money always makes a great gift. Or you can see if they are registered anywhere and get them a nice gift from their registery in your price range.
  • I would go with a small, personal, not-too-expensive gift that you know they'd love... because I love wrapping and unwrapping gifts! I'd also write a thoughtful card and include a gift card to wherever they're registered, or a check. There are very few people who won't appreciate money.
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