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I have BM's and GM's taken care of, but need some smaller gifts for the pre-teen girls handing out programs and similar smaller jobs.  Any ideas?  Probably $10-$20.  

I think they are about 9 up to 13 and I have maybe 5 girls to buy for.  I don't think they will care getting the same thing at that age... so don't give me the shop like it's their bday advice.  

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    What about getting them giftcards to a store (Bath and Body Works, a favorite clothing store, etc.)?
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    My advice is still to shop like it's their birthdays.  I don't see why you wouldn't want to buy them something that they would enjoy.  If they would all enjoy the same thing, then buy them the same thing.  I think a gift card might be good for the older girls, but the 9 year olds would probably prefer a gift over a gift card.
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    I think gift cards are a good idea

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    Well we got our junior bridesmaid, who is 9 years old, a CSI kit. But that is only helpful if the girls in your wedding party are as obsessed with it as she is. :) We also considered a really cool Nerf Dart gun because she loves those as well.
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    I went on and got them a necklace with their inital & birthstone on it. They were not priced too bad, plus I wanted age appropriate jewlry for them. Since I was getting nice jewelry for the bridesmaids. I also went on and got a little tote bag $14 each for them. I wanted them to feel just like the other girls, I just toned down the cost so it was more appropriate for them. I think they'll be pleased.
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